NN Running Day returns!

After multiple successfull editions with tens of thousands runners it will soon be possible to register for free for a new virtual event: the NN CPC Loop Den Haag Edition. Stay updated and keep an eye out on this page!

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NN Running Day

With the MyTrace app, you can enjoy a special virtual running experience during NN Running Day. You can hear the countdown and the sound of the starting gun, you will receive multiple split-times and you stay in the rhythm through the voice-over, ambient sounds and stunning audio stories. The leaderboard and your live wave position  make this run extra challenging. Prior to the event you can plot your most ideal course from and to your own front door with the Nationale Nederlanden Hardloopplanner. Put your earphones in and enjoy!



Choose your event
In the calender, choose the virtual event you want to participate in.

Get acces to the app
Click on the link in the email and fill in your MyTrace ID.

Choose your start moment
Choose your desired starting moment. The countdown can begin!

Make sure you keep moving so you are fit on NN Running Day.

Start the app
Be ready in time with the app on your phone, insert your earphones, click on start and wait for the start signal.

Good luck!
Enjoy your run and experience the unique atmosphere of the event.


21.1 km 10 km 5 km September 24 -26

NN CPC Loop Den Haag

During the virtual edition of the  NN CPC Loop Den Haag you can still experience the unique atmosphere of  the running event-for-everyone in 2021. #BeInspired.


Our MyTrace app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. Download the app, create your profile and sign up for the event in the calender in which you want to participate.

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Tips and tricks!

Read our tips & tricks to start your virtual event well prepared!


What is NN Running Day?

With all major running events being cancelled, we miss the unique experience and atmosphere of race day. But we (Golazo and Nationale-Nederlanden) have found a solution! With the MyTrace app, you can enjoy a special virtual running experience during NN Running Day

Besides the sound of the start gun, the realistic sound effects and the fititng music, you can determine your own start time and you will receive your split times and live wave position regularly.  After finishing you can take a selfie with the virtual medal and you will be able to see your time in comparison to other participants. Prior to the event you can plot your own course from and to your front door with the Nationale-Nederlanden Hardloopplanner (Only possible when you live in the Netherlands). 

The first editions with 50.000 runners were a big succes. Earphones in and enjoy!

How can I sign up?

Download the MyTrace app (App Store of Google Play Store), create your profile and in the calender, choose the event you want to participate in. After, you can choose your desired start time in the app. The countdown has begun!

How can I personalize my audiomessages?

The latest feature in the MyTrace app lets you experience yourself with personalized audio messages, voiced by your partner, your colleagues' friends that only you hear during your run. Share your personal link with your fan club. You will find the link in the confirmation e-mail after registration.

The person recording the message must give permission for the use of his/her microphone. We recommend opening the link in Google Chrome. When 'confirm recording' is pressed after recording the message, the message is received and cannot be edited or recorded again.

It is now possible to listen to the audio messages recorded for you after the finish in your race report. If you have already used the MyTrace app during an edition, please update the app to take advantage of this function. The update can be found in the App Store or Google Play Store.

How many messages am I able to personalize?

This is different for each event and distance.

I did not receive a personal link for personalized audiomessages. What do I do now?

You can find your personal link for submitting audio messages in the confirmation e-mail that you received after your registration was succesful (after you have linked your MyTrace account to your chosen event) in the MyTrace app.

If you do not receive this confirmation email (not even in your junk email), please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this website.

Which events are part of NN Running Day?

This depends on the program. This can be a selection of the most special running events in the Netherlands or a themed-edition. There is always a distance for everyone. 

Are there different start waves?

Each distance has multiple start waves. You can choose your desired start wave in the app as soon as you are registered. If you missed your start wave, you can still choose a later wave (if there is one). If you do start later in the wave of your choice, you should take into account that the timer is already running and you have missed a number of audio messages.

How do I plot my course for NN Running day?

Unique about NN Running Day is the Nationalen-Nederlanden Hardloopplanner, an online tool where you can plot your most ideal course from your front door to your front door. Click here to discover your course with the Nationale-Nederlanden Hardlooplanner (Only possible when you live in the Netherlands). 

Can I sign up for multiple events and/or distances?

You can sign up for multiple events and/or distances. You will receive a link per distance to activate this distance in the app. Make sure to select different start times in the app for each distance.

Please note! If you want to run the same race and distance, you need to register with a different email address. If you choose another distance, you can still register with the same email address.

Who can sign up for NN Running Day?

Anyone aged 12 and over can register for NN Running Day free of charge.

Can I also register someone else?


No, you can only registrer through your own phone. 

How is safety ensured during NN Running Day?

You run and participate in NN Running Day on your own. In addition, you must adhere to the applicable precautions and regulations, such as keeping your distance and complying with traffic rules. NN Running Day is there for everyone and we appeal to everyone's personal responsibility to make it a safe and sporting experience together, at a distance.

Are people from home able to follow my live location?

No, unfortunatly it is not possible for people at home to follow you live. The app can only be used by the participant themself. 

I have a question, where can I ask it?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form. The contact form can be found at the bottom of this page.


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